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Country Kitchen Decorating Ideas

I’m obsessed with looking at country kitchen decorating ideas. I’ve always been a fan of the cottage-chic look. I was delighted when my first rental property had vintage wooden cabinets and dark wood beams on the ceiling. The beams had no function and in hindsight, they probably weren’t that good, but I’d convinced myself they gave my home a country feel.

Country Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Country kitchen decorating ideas are for any person who gets pleasure from the warm, earthy feeling of the simplicity of nature. It’s also one of the most popular times of interior design (if we look beyond the branches of the ultra-modern trends). I like to think that it’s because people love to feel cosy. A country kitchen looks lived in, even if it’s been deliberately styled that way. Guests feel instantly welcomes and the house exudes warmth, even in the winter months. You can’t beat a place that feels homely.

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If you are considering country and kitchen and decorating ideas, then you will need to decide if you’re going to be limiting it to your kitchen, or if you’ll be spreading it throughout your whole house. Once you’ve got the country bug, you might find it difficult to not let your cost vibes spread throughout the whole house.

It’s probably wise to make a budget and stick to it, so you don’t run out half way through decorating the lounge!


A country style kitchen usually includes fresh, clean, and warm colours. These may include yellows, browns, greens, whites, and pinks, in their medium shades. There can also be accents in the fruits, flowers, vegetables, plants, and other accessories that you can add to your country kitchen decorating idea.


Country kitchen decorating ideas usually include furniture in varied woods, as well as wicker furniture. Floral and gingham patterns flatter the upholstery of chairs and couches well, by either purchasing new furniture or creating slip covers for your existing furniture.


Country kitchen decorating means that you’ll have natural wood, tile, or flagstone flooring. If these are outside of your budget, an equally appropriate look can be achieved with wall-to-wall carpeting or laminate in the correct light shade. Hooked or braided rugs add an authentic appeal to finish the look.


While decorating a country kitchen, the accessories that work best are sharing things your family enjoys. Home made candles, crocheted items, paintings the kids have done. Anything that seems home made.


Decorating a country kitchen is loads of fun. From the planning stage, right up until the final finishing touch, it’s joyous project you can share with the family. The beauty of it is, the rustic look is a big part of it, meaning things don’t have to be perfect. Children helping out with the decorating can lead to imperfections you’ll treasure. Make memories with your kids that’ll live on in the decor of your kitchen.

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