How To Attract Birds to Your Garden in The Summer

Bird-lovers everywhere adore their garden during the summer. This is because it’s easy to attract birds to your garden in the summer months. It’s entirely possible to have a gorgeous garden that appeals to birds and the people who live at the house!

If you are a bird lover you should seriously consider making efforts to make your summer garden more attractive to your fine feathered friends.

Luckily you don’t need to be a great gardener or an expert ornithologist to follow these tips. While I’m sure if you’re more advanced at both gardening and bird watching, it definitely helps but even beginners can follow these instructions. You could get the kids involved with helping you too – it really is that simple!

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Attract Birds to Your Garden This Summer

There are several ways to achieve the garden of yours (and some birds) dreams. I’ve put together three easiest ways in the list below:

Add some water

bird in a bird bath

Birds like water. They need to drink water and they enjoy playing in water. This means you need make sure there is some sort of water source available for the birds to enjoy in your summer garden.

Some excellent choices would be a water fountain, a goldfish pond, or a waterfall. A more wallet-friendly option is simple bird bath though. The key in this is to make sure that the water doesn’t stagnate. Chance it frequently if it isn’t a running water source, as you want to attract birds and not mosquitoes. Other than that, have fun creating a cool (and wet) place for your bird pals to frolic and play.

Research the birds you want to attract

As far as attracting specific birds, you will need to research the specific birds you are interested in attracting. Once you know, you need to plan (and plant) accordingly. There’s no point in planting bushes that repel a certain type of bird if that’s who you’re hoping will visit.

goldfinch bird on a thistle - attract birds to your garden this summer

Gardening magazines can be helpful in helping you figure out what sort of plants birds love. For more specific advice, the RSPB website can be a fantastic place to gain some knowledge. It might be wise to read up on their predators too, as it would be awful to lure birds to your garden, only for them to turn into something else’s lunch. Even if you own cats you should be careful.

For a garden overhaul, you can plant trees these birds are drawn to building their nests in. You can also install birdhouses in your garden. Combine your birdwatching project with a gardening project. Designing a bird-friendly garden can be loads of fun and doesn’t need to be difficult or expensive!

Feed the birds what they like

It goes without saying that if you want birds to visit, you need to fill their tummies. DIY bird-feeders can be great, as well as fat balls and other seeds and nuts. When using feeders, be sure to invest in the type that other animals struggle to use. You might find no birds are visiting your garden because some cheeky squirrels are sneaking in and eating all their food!

Alternatively, birds also enjoy insects and worms, which can be attracted to your garden. Not all of us bird-lovers possess a strong enough stomach to offer up creepy-crawlies 



There is no right or wrong way to create a peaceful and relaxing summer garden for birds, as long as you do your research. If you’re a fan of bigger projects, you could landscape the garden to make an easier viewing spot for any feathered visitors. Let me know how you get on!


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